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As well as mobile phones, BigCat mobile is also able to offer fixed line solutions on O2, Vodafone, Daisy, Greystone and GPS. All of the fixed line propositions offer substantial savings when compared to BT especially for international calling. We offer a free tariff analysis on your current bill to see if there are any areas in which you can save. Simply fax us your most recent bill(s) on 01782 801208 or contact us using the form on the right.

As well as fixed line products we are also able to offer a new product called O2 Mobile Landline, which allows the user to attach a standard landline number (beginning with 01 or 02) to their O2 mobile phone. This can be especially beneficial if you regularly incur divert charges as O2 Mobile Landline will allow you to receive unlimited diverts starting at only £10 per month! Additionally the person calling you will only be charged as if they are dialling a standard landline number. Click here for more info.

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